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Discount Plan

Save 25 to 100% on dental procedures with Pioneering Dental Discount Plan
What is it?
It is a Dental Discount Plan offered by Pioneering Dental for exclusive use at all of our dental office locations in New York City. Members of the discount plan receive a reduced price on dental procedures. Discounts range from 25-100% savings on treatments. See a full fee schedule below.
How does it work?
You pay an annual fee and get significantly reduced rates on dental treatments. Dental discount plan offers many benefits over dental insurance. It works instantly, no waiting for approvals, no paperwork. The discounts shown on the schedule of fees below are automatically applied to our members.
How much does it cost?
Individual: $60 ANNUALLY Family Plan (2 Members): $100 ANNUALLY Family Plan (3+ Members): $125 ANNUALLY

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  • American Dental AssociationAmerican Academy of Orofacial PainNew York County Dental SocietyAmerican Board of PeriodontologyAmerican Academy of PeriodontologyAmerican Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern Medical and Dental
8405 Bay Parkway
Brooklyn NY 11214
Phone: (718) 331-6100

Pediatric Dental Center
8100 19th Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11214
Phone: (718) 256-2822

Success Dentistry
11 Ralph Place
Staten Island NY 10304
Phone: (646) 319-1632

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